Connect.Tech 2016

I’m attending this year’s Connect Tech conference in Marietta, GA. This is a conference focusing on web, mobile, javascript and related technologies. This is typically the weekend I attend the Head of the Charles regatta. Unfortunately for a variety of reasons, I’m not attending this year so figured I’d get in some geek learning.

Hexo 3.0 and new theme

Before I mention the details of the conference, it behooves me to mention that I’ve just updated my site to the new version of Hexo. It was past due to do so and I decided also to update my theme. Pretty nifty I think.


I’ve been developing in Angular for a while now, and I am trying to learn some of the best techniques for developing new Angular 2.0 application as well as learning about refactoring, profiling and migrating Angular 1 apps. Despite 1 or 2 mediocre to poor sessions, there have been some good sessions on Angular 1 performance, in particular “Scaling large Angular 1 apps” by Jad Joubran.


Webpack is becoming the go-to tool for bundling, minifying and packaging your web applications. It’s a powerful yet confusing tool. John Mercer’s session “Webpack: A Simple Introduction to a Complex Tool” helped clear up some of the confusion.


NativeScript is an interesting tool for developing native Android, IOS and Windows Phone applications. Jen Looper‘s session on Angular 2 with NativeScript was a very creative, quick intro to NativeScript while writing an interesting app using the SoundCloud API.

Progressive Web Apps and more…

I’m about to sit in on a session about Angular 2 and Progressive Web Apps. More on that and other topics next time…

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  4. 4. NativeScript
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